Late Summer/Fall Trends: Nude Heels

There’s something popping up all over red carpets and amongst the Hollywood glamorous again. Amidst colorful snakeskin heels and knee-high metallic leather gladiator sandals (the ancient Romans must be so proud), people are turning back to a classic look — with a simple nude heel.

My latest shoe haul was somewhat uncharacteristic of me, as I generally try to shop somewhat minimalist (everyone that knows me is definitely laughing as they read this, but really, at least I try!), as in purchasing one pair of nude heels would be sufficient. But what one must realize is that there are many different shades of nude! So, the more the merrier. Each hue matches different sets of colors, and upon this realization there was no way that I could not leave without these three beautiful pairs of shoes.

11693993_640851302617995_7101746293099567683_n 11218935_640851075951351_363697016501798863_n

These rose hued nude platform leather heels are from Rachel Zoe and I cannot stress how much I love them. Despite their height ,the platform aids in making walking feasible (just avoid cobblestone streets!) and the light pink snakeskin on the platform adds a chic element to the shoe. Ever since my competitive soccer days, I have had trouble with blisters on the back of my heels, but with these shoes I do not need to worry about that. They have a soft leather cushioned heel, making these one of the most comfortable heels I have worn. They retail for about $430.


These tan leather-soled heels from Joan & David are absolutely beautiful. They give me a fantastic height and match just about everything in my closet. I wore them with a little black crochet Guess dress to my birthday tea and they were perfect. They are imported from Italy and have quickly become one of my go-to shoe staples be it for work, events or just a night out. They retail for around $200.


            You cannot get more classic chic than these. Franco Sarto has created the comfortable alternative to open-toe platform nude heels. These heels feature just a ___ inch boost and are super easy to walk in. The lighter nude color is definitely in style this summer and matches most of what is in your wardrobe. These are must-have shoes if you plan on walking a lot due to their height and they are a sophisticated staple that belongs in everyone’s closetThey retail for around $75.

Stay Classy! xx


(Not So) Happily Ever After

We can try to ignore it because we are upset, but Jennifer Garner has been in the news A LOT lately, and it is not just because “13 Going on 30” was added to Netflix.

Garner and long-term hubby Ben Affleck recently made a joint statement that they were divorcing. The media ate this up, throwing them under the bus as bad parents and throwing out statistics like “2.6 million children who have parents going through a divorce feel like their worlds are falling apart.” OK, Today Show, way to be harsh.

The divorce is upsetting to a lot of the public because Garner and Affleck were one of Hollywood’s most “normal” couples. (As normal as multi-million dollar celebrity parent couples can be, that is.) When they were around, they picked their children up from school together, played in the park, went to the zoo… They were relatable.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer at a screening of “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Not So Good, Very Bad Day.” Somehow my intuition had timed my arrival and departure of the event perfectly and I ended up walking in and out of the event with her. (Oh yeah, this was not casual. I’m a huge fan… who isn’t?) I actually saw her text former hubby Ben Affleck too— did I mention that? How crazy is this…

I believe that the media needs to be less harsh on the couple. Their marriage lasted longer than most celebrity couples and they will remain friends, which will make the transition a lot easier for their children. Both Jennifer and Ben are wonderful actors, parents and people, and like just about everyone else, they are doing the best they can.

Stay classy! xx

Late Summer Trends: Whish Soda Fountain Collection


It’s one of the best times of year. The middle of a warm, beautiful summer where you want nothing more than to have your toes in the sand and a martini in hand. Despite this wish, some of this beautiful weather and relaxation must be spent on productivity. The summer is a little more than halfway over *cringe* meaning that your subconscious is starting to nag you to get ready for school to start again. Although not everyone gets as excited for this time of year as I do (But like, who doesn’t love new planners, notebooks, clothes…) the 2015 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has kicked off and is determined to make your B2S shopping both productive and fun, so that you can get back out in the sunshine ASAP!

One of my favorite products from the Anniversary Sale Collection is the Whish Soda Fountain Collection sold exclusively at Nordstrom. These adorable bath and body gels and body butters come in mouthwatering flavors including Black Cherry and Key Lime (in the photo!) and Ginger Melon and Orange Cream. The collection is sold in 16-ounce pump bottles through August 2nd exclusively at Nordstrom stores nationwide and at They retail for $15 each, but after the sale they will revert back to full-price, $76.

I tried these adorable body butters and LOVED them. Not only are they incredibly moisturizing, but they smell amazing and last for hours. Another thing I love about Whish is that they are Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, TEA & DEA Free and Petrochemical Free— meaning, their products are all natural and use organic ingredients. I can’t wait to get the full-sized bottles the next time I take a trip to the mall!

What’s your favorite flavor? Stay classy! xx

Glam Gadgets: CardNinja

Beautiful summer weather presents the perfect time to simmer down and get in touch with minimalist trends. We wear less clothing, eat less heavy food (or try to), use less makeup and hair products, and ideally, carry fewer things when on the go.

My recent trip to Ocean City, Maryland was an eye-opener to how few material items I needed to get through each day. Compiling towels, sun tan lotion, books and sunglasses from multiple people into a few beach bags, we got through the day with only a few items. I spent most of the week in shorts, skirts and a few different tank tops, and flip flops, and for most of the week I let my hair do its thing and barely wore makeup. It was a freeing weekend and I loved the feeling of not being dragged down by the usual stresses, a lot of which can be caused by overload of items and thus, decisions.

My boyfriend and I went on beach walks at night to look at the stars, and all we brought was ourselves. It was such a peaceful and serene time where we truly got to appreciate the natural beauty all around us. We even saw a shooting star on our first night! It was a great opportunity to just lay back and relax while getting to know each other better sans usual distractions.

11800483_640587769311015_5424279397336787902_n            Our days at the beach went similarly due to a more minimalist packing mindset for each beach trip. The only thing that I found created a problem for me was that I have a beautiful black leather Ralph Lauren wallet, which I did not want to bring to the beach and risk getting ruined. I thus had to carry assorted cards and money thrown into different pockets of my beach bag, super unorganized and easy to misplace. If only I had heard about this cool new product, 11755176_640587782644347_7074633021769538354_nCardNinja made by the popular tech. brand, CUBI.

The CardNinja has an adhesive that attaches directly to your phone or phone case. It fits all iPhones (featured in the photos is an iPhone 5c) but if you have an LG (like me, LG G3) you have to watch out because it might cover your speakers or back buttons. It’s a classy little phone pocket that safely holds up to 8 cards and bills, which is perfect for beach days! It comes in six colors and retails for $12.99. You can find it here!

Stay classy! xx

Trending: Jamberry Nail Stickers

11753276_639758579393934_4722026412149347830_n            It has happened to me countless times where I am sitting on an early morning train en route to work, half-asleep, when it hits me. I look down at my hands on my lap and see the damage of the weekend prior, beach days, parties, cleaning, working out… and I cringe as I ask myself if I can get away with my chipped nails without anyone noticing. At my job, not a chance.10012422_639758726060586_256112433783940388_n

It is difficult to keep up with a manicure when you are actively doing millions of things each day. Not only does it become hard to fit it in professionally, but taking the time to go through a bottle of nail polish remover and a handful of cotton balls, and then to file down your nails, repaint them and let them dry, can most certainly become a hassle. Don’t get me wrong, I love painting my own nails, I find it relaxing. But when I’m super busy and don’t have time to this, it became clear that I needed to find an alternative. Because let’s face it, well-groomed nails are a big plus for an overall polished and put-together look. Fortunately I came across this easy way to make sure my nails look perfect each day, Jamberry Nail Stickers.

11698927_639758689393923_7159281213844385418_n            After days of anticipation for the package to come in the mail, I finally held my very first sheet of Jamberry nail stickers and could not wait to try them out. This morning I got up early before work and after I got ready, saw that I had just enough time to apply them. I chose this adorable peach and raspberry colored floral pattern, which will match just about anything I wear.

The application process may look a bit daunting, you’ll need scissors, a nail file and a hair dryer, but I assure 11227768_639758846060574_173776150262909479_nyou that it is super easy and takes much less time than a regular manicure. To apply the stickers I just heated the application side with a dryer for 5 seconds, pressed them onto my nails and then cut and filed the excess sticker. Super easy, and after less than half an hour, I was good to go.

The stickers should last up to two weeks (I’ll keep you up to date on this, but they seem to be on pretty well still and they’ve been on for three days!) And each sheet retails for about $15. (It includes stickers that can be used for an extra manicure and even a pedicure as well!) You can find them here!

Stay classy! xx

Classy Collaborations: Oasis and Victoria & Albert Museum

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 11.54.08 AM

Oasis $97

London’s Victoria and Albert museum is known for its beautiful 18th and 19th century art. The captivating botanical prints found in this museum, combined with master fashion brand Oasis’ chic cuts and clothing designs, brought the two together in high fashion collaboration.

Oasis $72

Oasis $72

The featured prints in the collection were hand-selected from over hundreds in the museum’s archive by the Oasis in-house design team. The Victoria and Albert Museum is the world’s leading museum of art and design and its collections are so diverse that they cannot be rivaled. It frequently serves as a place of inspiration for British designers and manufacturers and sits in South Kensington, West London.

It is no surprise that Oasis, a brand that is beloved by both celebrities and stylists because of its

Oasis $105

Oasis $105

unique designs and exclusive boutique-like styles and prints, recognized a great opportunity and collaborated with the V&A. Together they created beautiful clothing and patterns, which will most certainly become late summer and early fall wardrobe staples. The collection can be found here and retails starting at $32. 

Stay classy! xx

Good Morning, Sunshine


You know those days when you have an alarm set but wake up three hours earlier and cannot fall back asleep no matter how much you snuggle into your pillows and try to bargain with the sand man? Well, that happened to me today. I woke up at 6 a.m. and knew that I was up for good. Fortunately I peeked outside my window, and upon seeing this view, I realized there had been a reason for my losing sleep.


I had never been into running until last summer (OK, OK yes, there was also that one season of high school track…), but until a year ago I had never enjoyed it. I had also never enjoyed waking up early, for any reason. Things change, and people do too. Last summer while babysitting down the shore for spans of a few days, I challenged myself to wake up early and go on a sunrise run. These runs not only helped me realize that I was in much better shape than I had thought, but they also brought a sense of calm and peace to what could be an otherwise stressful morning.


This morning I woke up early and decided to lace up my sneakers, pop a piece of gum in my mouth and make my way over to the beach. Not only did I have most of the beach and all of the sidewalks to myself, but the views that I was witnessing were simply spectacular. The frothy white veins of the ocean were twirling and tugging in different directions, mirroring the creamsicle sunrise above them.


Early bird seagulls were groggily trying to collect their breakfast, and the fresh shells and jellyfish lined the section of beach where the tide and the sand greeted one another for the first time today. Not only did I get my exercise in before the rest of the town today, but I got to bask in the beauty of these natural, exclusive views. All I can say, is that today already seems like a beautiful day.

Stay classy! xx

Jamberry Ambassador!


I’m so excited to announce my latest beauty brand collaboration– with Jamberry Nails! If you have been looking for an easy way to create the perfect mani/pedi that will stay on despite your super busy schedule, word on the street is that Jamberry nail stickers are the perfection solution! They come in hundreds of patterns and colors and I cannot wait to try the adorable floral and cute dot patterns that I received today! Be on the lookout for the review in CCG Approved — coming soon! 🙂

Stay classy! xx

U.S.A.! U.S.A.!


It seems like this month is the perfect time to wear non-stop red, white and blue! America has so much to celebrate right now— its 259th birthday (so many candles), the right to marriage has been legalized for everyone and the U.S. Women’s National Team just won the World Cup! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

It is a big deal and not only for soccer fans that the Women’s Team won the Cup this year. It is the first time they have won since 1999 (huge!) and it has also sparked a discussion about women’s empowerment and sports. For female athletes, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team broke ground for women’s sports when they took home their first World Cup Title in 1991. Although most of the main members of that original team, including Mia Hamm and Julie Foudy, have since retired, there are still a few that remain since the second World Cup win including, Amy Wambach and Christie Rampone. This year’s World Cup win is just as important as the first, and the lack of coverage of it has made it obvious that we still have a long way to go to support professional female athletes.

Many news outlets including, The Atlantic and Cosmopolitan have published articles stating that this year’s World Cup is a feminist issue. I believe that this is true, yet at the same time we must not forget that it is an incredible accomplishment. One cannot help but think that if it was the men’s team that had won, all of social media and television would be bursting with headlines. Instead, I did not come across one post on my Instagram feed about the win, and I barely saw it mentioned in the news.

For aspiring young female athletes, this is not a good thing. Imagine how difficult it must be to be one of the best in your field, and receive almost no recognition for it— whereas men doing the same exact thing garner much more attention and a much larger fan base. We have a long way to go in equally supporting and respecting these talented athletes in the same way which we do others. I believe that this starts with the media changing the conversation. This is a month for equality and celebration, let’s start this new and improved time with a standing ovation for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, and a crisp glass of chardonnay decorated with a red, white and blue Pomchie wine charm!

Stay classy! xx

Sweet View: Hoboken, NJ


           There’s something about summer that can turn a pastry run into an all-day leisurely stroll. Maybe it is an innate appreciation for beautiful weather and surroundings that causes us to get excited to spend time outdoors, or a Vitamin D deficiency from months full of a chilly, cloudy, ugly pattern. Whatever it may be, this past Sunday was certainly a day of rest for me, and I have no regrets for taking the time to appreciate the beauty that was surrounding me!


If you have not been to Hoboken, New Jersey, it is definitely a place to put on your travel list. Easy to get to and full of life, this little town features gorgeous waterfront views of New York City and a plethora of adorable brunch places. Home to the original Carlo’s Bakery, Hoboken is also full of great Italian food and desserts. It has just a 1 mile radius, and features the highest number of bars per mile in the country (can I say bar crawl anyone??) It is home to many NYC professionals and the crowd is chic, young and classy. And you know what else? Everyone I walked past on my walk was smiling and laughing.

After strolling through Washington Ave., the main “downtown” street, full of brightly colored shops and restaurants, I made my way to the park surrounded by piers. On a bright sunny day it was full of young friends and couples jogging, reading, picnicking, tanning and walking. Of course I had to make a quick stop at the Mister Softee truck for my summer cheat treat of choice, soft-serve vanilla in a waffle cone with rainbow sprinkles. (Yes, I ate this with a Carlo’s bakery bag on my arm, don’t judge!)

There’s truly nothing like summer in the city with an ice cream cone in hand. I’m so glad that the warm days are finally here and I’ll definitely try to hold on to these chances to relax as often as possible, yum!

Stay classy! xx